“Our daughter Natalie has been attending Cherry Blossom Grove since October 2014. She liked the friendly and welcoming atmosphere immediately. The children are all together in one group with different ages. They learn a lot from each other and are individually nurtured. They often bring home biscuits that they made during the morning or their art and craft work. Suzanne and Yvonne are a great team.”


“Cherry Blossom Grove is exactly as it claims….A home away from home! Trudy will miss the smiling faces of Suzanne and Yvonne every morning. A loving caring environment to learn has developed her independence and eagerness to learn more about everything in the world around her. Lovely memories made...”

Tracy & Carl 

“Cherry Blossom Montessori is a great preschool. Violet has come on leaps and bounds since starting her preschool year there, she has learned so much, everyone that knows her has commented on her progress and knowledge. Most importantly though each and every child is special in their eyes and treated equally with care and kindness. Couldn't recommend enough”

 Michelle and Jeremy

“All of the teachers at Cherry Blossom Montessori have gone out of their way to make my daughter's school experience as wonderful as possible. They are always willing to chat  through things and their personal attention to each child is evident. The classroom environment is so welcoming and my daughter is eager to walk in the door every morning. She has learned so much both from the teachers and from the interactions she has had with the other children and there seems to be a great balance between structured learning and playtime.”


'' Cherry Blossom Grove Montessori is a great place for my son Antoni age 4. He enjoys every day in that Montessori. He made friends there, learns a lot and he feels there like at home.  I feel as a mother that I have made the right choice to enroll Antoni to Cherry Blossom Grove Montessori. It is like a second home for my son so thank you to the teachers there.''


"Cherry Blossom Grove has been a very positive environment for my little boy to learn and gain independence. The staff are warm and welcoming each day and show a genuine interest in their little pupils. I have no hesitation in sending my daughter there when the time comes."