ECCE Scheme

Cherry Blossom Grove Montessori is registered for the ECCE Scheme, which provides free pre-school education to all children.Children are eligible to start the scheme if they have turned 2 years 8 months before the 1st September.

The ECCE scheme entitles eligible children to free pre-school for 3 hours per day, 5 days per week for 38 weeks of each year. Depending on where a child’s birthday falls and when you decide to send them to Primary school, this could equate to one or two free pre-school years.

At Cherry Blossom Grove we open 9am-12:30pm, and the ECCE scheme covers the hours 9am-12pm.ECCE children are welcome to stay with us for the additional 30 minutes daily, along with our fee paying children, at a cost of €55 per month.This is an optional extra.Children who do not wish to avail of the additional time must be collected at 12pm sharp, as class continues for the rest of the children.Continuous failure to collect on time will result in the full fee being charged.

Please call us for any further information or you can visit