Our Philosophy

Our main goal at Cherry Blossom Grove Montessori is for our children to develop into happy and confident learners.We encourage our children to be themselves, take part in activities they enjoy and are interested in, be kind and caring to their classmates and above all have fun at our school.We have created a wonderful classroom, where children have hands-on experiences with our play-based materials and the natural world, through the guidance of our caring teachers.We have a child-led philosophy, where we follow the innate interests the child has at any given time, and develop their own personal educational path based on these interests.We believe that in our prepared Montessori environment education is a natural process, spontaneously carried out by the child through the experiences they have.

Our Montessori teachers observe the child’s learning and behaviours, their development and interests; following the child.You can see the differences in the Montessori approach to the ‘whole child’ in the classroom, in the garden, at snack time and even at home; Montessori children care for themselves, for each other and for the world around them.From the moment children enter Cherry Blossom Grove to the time they leave us, the children experience the gift of time to develop at their own pace and explore the rich, nurturing environment we have carefully prepared for them.From an early age children experience the joy of discovery.Developing the qualities of self-discipline and independence are essential aspects of Montessori education and we work each day to assist the children in our care to move towards these goals.

Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment”.Maria Montessori.

All children at Cherry Blossom Grove are treated equally, with respect and are nurtured to develop to their own full potential, at their own pace.

We believe that it is you, the parents, who are the primary educators to your children.For this reason we aim to create a strong bond between home and school, getting to know each and every child and their family individually.We keep in touch with parents through photographic updates, giving you an insight into what your children experiences in school, and meet with you to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.